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Private Cloud Without Overheads

We build your Cloud service based on your specific business requirements to make sure it truly delivers for you. We will design, host, and manage your Private Cloud, saving you time and money by removing the need for hardware evaluation, compatibility, testing, and deployment.

Server storage and network resources will be solely dedicated to your business and hosted within a state-of-the-art UK data centre.

Our Private Cloud systems:

  • Meet compliance regulations
  • Fully managed in a dedicated rack
  • ISO27001 accredited, tier 3+ data centres that are manned 24/7
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Offer guaranteed resource availability
  • Our efficiency and cost-savings

Bespoke Private Cloud Systems

We build bespoke Private Cloud systems for businesses, enabling you to host your applications and data on a dedicated private system which is maintained and monitored by our Cloud experts. This bespoke system will be designed for, and used only by, your business, which means you will have the perfect combination of flexibility, performance, and security.

A Private Cloud offers the highest levels of security to keep your business’s critical operations protected and safe. Using a Private Cloud also enables you to have the right resource and compliance required for your individual business needs.

Compliant and Accredited Private Cloud

We specialise in helping businesses to attain and comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance which is the new government standard required for businesses to protect credit card data and comply with the PCI data security standards.

We use a wholly-owned Cisco CMSP accredited cloud infrastructure based on enterprise-grade Cisco UCS hardware, the leading VMware vSphere hypervisor and enterprise-grade NetApp storage. All of our data centres are located in the UK and accredited to ISO27001 - the international standard for information security management systems.

Our service is built with a high capacity, resilient fibre MPLS network at its core for reliability. And when it comes to security, we provide 24/7 security, disaster recovery solutions, next generation firewalls, and managed mobile and remote endpoints.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Situated in easily-accessible locations across the UK, the tier 3 data centres we use are state-of-the-art, 100% controlled, and have proven reliability.

  • Derby Data Centre: 16,000ft² with 330 racks in four halls.
  • Leeds Data Centre: 26,000ft² with 450 racks in four halls.
  • Northampton Data Centre: 41,000ft² with 800 racks in three data halls.

All three data centres are ISO27001 certified and are built and managed with security, power, environment considerations as a priority. Each data centre is connected through a high-quality, high speed and secure MPLS network to provide resiliency and easy back-up options.

We also have a presence in Equinix Slough, Telehouse and Global Switch London, and Telecity Manchester.

Private Cloud offers the very best security possible from a Cloud service as it’s only accessible by your company. Additional layers of security can be added depending on your requirements. Private Cloud is also incredibly reliable as it isn’t shared in any way, and it’s built specifically for your usage and requirements. We have the expertise and validated processes for Cloud platform design and deployment. There is an increased degree of flexibility as well as guaranteed resource, as Private Cloud can be built and configured according to your requirements and growth plans.

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