Hybrid Cloud

A mix of Private Cloud and Public Cloud functionality, which provides the perfect combination of performance, reliability, and security for your business.

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Your Cloud, Tailored To You

Hybrid Cloud solutions are popular due to the great flexibility and agility they offer to businesses.

When your organisation is reliant on multiple applications and databases, a combination of solutions can be the best option for efficiency and security. By building a hybrid solution, you can ensure all your IT infrastructure needs are met, while building a system that grows with your business.

With the Hybrid Cloud, you can create a strategy to suit your organisation and its applications, databases and people. It makes little sense that they will all fit into the same service or solution right away.


  • Blend of private and public cloud services
  • Leverage multiple services for best fit
  • Control costs and drive efficiency
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Sweat legacy assets
  • Excellent uptime reliability record

Transferring Onto the Hybrid Cloud

We help to guide you through the process of transferring to a Hybrid Cloud based system. We understand that some of your applications may need to be retained for archive purposes, others will need to be transformed, and you may have some legacy hardware that you would like to keep working for another year or two. We consider all of these factors when building a Cloud service that works for you.

Flexible and scalable

Hybrid Cloud can evolve with your business, and it’s a cost-effective way of migrating to the Cloud which also balances ongoing usage and peaks in project demand. It gives you the flexibility to fully transition to the Cloud, while creating a strategy that prioritises your business objectives and saves you money compared to the ongoing costs associated with purchasing and maintaining on-premise storage solutions.

We use UK-based Tier 3+ data centres which are at the forefront of security and resilience. For Public Cloud services we have strong links with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other upcoming Cloud providers. We can offer long term colocation data storage centres, providing state-of-the-art security and maintenance for your systems and data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For most of our customers, data security is a key priority. At Pure Telecom we work with only the most secure systems and recommend Hybrid Cloud for a secure and efficient IT solution. A Hybrid Cloud strategy helps to ensure that your data is protected and safe. By incorporating a Private Cloud in your Cloud services, you can ensure your most sensitive operations and data is stored privately and in a way that meets regulatory data, handling, and storage requirements.

Hybrid Cloud provides an affordable solution for businesses who are looking to benefit from the great value offered by using the Public Cloud, whilst also having the benefits of the additional features offered by the Private Cloud. This combination offers a comprehensive, cost efficient option for businesses of all sizes.

By creating a balance of Public and Private Cloud solutions, you can ensure you’re in control of costs without compromising reliability and security. You can also choose colocation for some of your services if you have hardware that you would like to continue to use until you’re ready to upgrade fully to the Cloud.

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