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Cisco WebEx Meeting Centre Key Features:

  • Seamlessly integrated voice, video and content sharing
  • Innovative features
  • Join on any mobile device or video system

O2 Just Call Me Key Features

  • No hidden charges
  • Only you need the app, not your participants
  • Simple to set up

Experts in Cisco WebEx Meeting Centre and O2 Just Call Me

We specialise in providing the latest web conferencing technology, including:

Cisco WebEx Meeting Centre - the proven industry leader in video and web conferencing. Meetings can be joined on any major mobile device or video system. Cisco WebEx offers an interactive multimedia experience including PowerPoint, flash animations, interactive polls and file sharing. We offer a with a FREE 30 day trial so you can see how it works for you.

O2 Just Call Me is  easy-to-use and you can set up as many conference calls as you want, all for a fixed monthly fee. No awkward PIN codes, passwords or premium rate dial-in numbers. Participants are charged at the standard rate to your O2 mobile, or if they’re on O2 Business, calling is free. O2 Just Call Me calls are the same great quality as using your mobile and can host up to 20 people.

Fast, Efficient Web Conferencing

Save money and travel time with Pure Telecom’s high performing web meeting and video conferencing services. Our state-of-the-art services include Cisco WebEx Meeting Centre and O2 Just Call Me.

Our expert team will help you to choose the best service for your business needs, to bring you reliable, instant web conferencing.

Customers, partners, or employees can join audio calls and video meetings regardless of their location. These services allow you to make faster, more informed decisions in meetings that allow everyone to hear the information at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cisco WebEx Meeting Centre

You must have the Cisco WebEx Meetings Desktop Application. The first time that you start or join a meeting, it automatically downloads to your computer. You can also download the application at any time from your WebEx site. WebEx works well from both Windows and Mac systems and is available on iOS and Android devices.

Yes, You can use Outlook for Windows to schedule meetings, invite attendees, and start WebEx meetings. The attendees that you invite can join your meeting from their Outlook calendars too.

Yes, there’s a WebEx mobile app so you can meet absolutely anywhere. It’s as simple and seamless as meeting in person.

O2 Just Call Me

If participants are accessing the audio conference call from abroad, they can use a local dial-in number in selected countries to reduce the costs.

You can use O2 Just Call Me All Hands to address large groups or town hall-style conferences. There is an additional charge for this.

Using the app you can set up conference calls and send invitations at the same time. The app syncs with your calendar, to help you to stay organised.

The app provides easy to use functionality for the O2 Just Call Me service. You can mute, muffle, or remove participants from the call. Only you need the app, no one else. The app integrates with your calendar meaning you can use the app to organise and schedule your calls, send invitations and set alerts for your conference calls.

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