Where has ISDN gone?
26 Feb 2019

As technology improves so does the demand for still faster, more efficient systems which allow us even greater flexibility and communication potential on personal and business levels.

It’s incredible to think about how companies used the communication systems of the day just a few short years ago to conduct their business compared to what they are using now with the tremendous advancements that have been made.

Take Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). A cutting edge system which was great for companies when it launched by being able to provide voice, video-conferencing and other data on the same line where several had been needed previously. It also gave us the fastest internet connection for a time. But things have moved on since the 1980s and, while still not totally obsolete, ISDN has been overtaken by a stronger, quicker, much more powerful alternative that has taken up the baton to continue the communications technology relay race into the future.

BT is pulling the plug on ISDN in 2025 but will not be selling the networks to clients from next year. This hasn’t come as any great surprise and businesses have been making the switch for a while. Our clients at Pure have moved or are moving to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) - a much-advanced system and one that has a tried and tested background. It works by transforming voice to digital signals and carrying them across the Internet Protocol network. Demand and supply for this system continues to grow and means all forms of communications can be sent and received by a much greater audience more easily and efficiently through IP networks.

So, what are the benefits of VoIP?

Speeding things up

VoIP is smarter, faster and more flexible than its predecessor bringing obvious advantages to business.

Connected workflow

Texts, email, video, social, instant messaging and voice is all brought together in unified communication.

Mobile alternative

The advent of 5G will enhance this technology further resulting in improved call quality and still faster connections which will better facilitate remote working.

Money saver

Landlines are a more expensive option than VoIP phone systems in terms of call rates, and existing phones can be easily connected to VoIP technology, meaning it’s not necessary to upgrade existing phone equipment.

Add and subtract

VoIP means it’s quicker to install new lines if and when required and you’ll actually need fewer lines to operate the same service.

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