The launch of Pure VoIP - a hosted system with a difference
19 Aug 2019

Efficiency in business is key to productivity so we are very excited to tell you about the launch of a new product at Pure - our very first exclusive branded product, in fact, Pure VoIP.

Three million customers have already moved from traditional telephony and a further five million users are expected to move to a VoIP platform within the next five years. Pure Telecom has been heavily involved in this ‘technological revolution’, had a good look at the market and decided the time is now right to deliver Pure VoIP for the improved benefit of customers. For those who may still be unsure of what VoIP is all about, Voice over Internet Protocol means your ‘phone calls’ will be delivered via an internet connection, meaning you can take your calls anywhere on your VoIP phone. It is also known as Internet Telephony, Internet Calling and IP telephony, and is reckoned to be the culmination of the most successful technology of the past 10 years or so.

Why upgrade to VoIP?

Hosted telephony lives in The Cloud and provides greater freedom than previous communication systems restricted to the static office setting, improving productivity by offering users tremendous advantages over the older, more traditional equipment, limited line capacity and high maintenance contracts. It has also put a stop to many of the technical and practical problems that dogged onsite systems which hampered and impeded businesses from operating effectively. There are many benefits to operating in The Cloud, the system is easier to use, very reliable and the ideal vehicle for flexible working. It provides ongoing updates of new features as they become available, an interactive capability far in excess of anything that has gone before and the provision to allow for growth or consolidation depending on the requirements of your business. Hosted telephony also allows you to bring all your communications together: Phone lines, internet connections, video conferencing and so on. There are so many different suppliers of VoIP platforms currently on the market, the majority of whom are offering a per seat offering - regardless of whether the phone is being used - and all are tied into a long-term contract.

What makes Pure VoIP different?

The team here at Pure was keen to develop a platform which offered the customer increased value in a number of key areas, and we are delighted to reveal Pure VoIP will offer: Fully tailored solutions to meet individual company needs; increased resilience, reducing the amount of downtime and ensuring the infrastructure is reliable and built to a world class standard that won’t let you down; enhanced features and choice. There will also be flexible contract lengths, rather than long-term agreements; reduced costs based on lines being used rather than on the number of seats; an online portal, allowing complete control of the system; fully managed implementation and fully managed support with leading SLAs.

Key features of Pure VoIP include:

  • Wallboards - with seven different options offering real-time statistics.
  • Unified Communications - where fully-featured UC clients can be added to each user to deliver presence, and there’s a facility to chat and integrate with more than 350 CRM solutions with screen popping and click to dial features.
  • Call Recording - which can be activated on the platform for training and monitoring purposes.
  • Call Recording Transfer - allowing flexibility to store recordings on customer servers and provide the option of having recordings sent to an FTP or SFTP server automatically.
  • Dialler and TPS Service - Pure VoIP has an automated, network friendly, dialler which is also integrated into the CTPS & TPS service database to ensure you stay on the right side of the Ombudsman.
  • Operator Console - Offering high call volume environments the ability to move calls around quickly and offer maximum information to the receptionist.

Pure VoIP addresses the concerns raised regarding other products on the market with the focus on transparent contracts which offer more flexibility and a system with greater choice - all at a reduced cost. We operate on a customer-first service basis which means you can always be assured of the best in your dealings with us, including fully managed installations and fully managed services. The launch of Pure VoIP is designed to help customers meet their obligations with the minimum amount of fuss and effort, enabling them to do what they do best - take care of business!

To find out more about how Pure Telecom can help you and your business, call 01743 244 933 or email