Should your choice of phone centre on status or functionality?
26 Jun 2019

The mobile phone is now an important part of everyday life - some would say it’s something we simply can’t live without. But should the choice of what phone we buy be based on status or functionality?

More and more people are using the phone for work, keeping on top of messages, emails, social media, taking pictures and videos, storing data, banking and getting about using GPS technology, meaning having the phone is as part of the daily routine as putting your shoes on each morning!

Firms are, in many cases, spending sizable amounts of cash in supplying ‘work phones’ for employees and it can be a tricky operation balancing efficiency with cost. But there are cost-effective alternatives on the market which can adequately do the job, providing you can live without the status of having a top phone as a fashion statement. Having to have things with all the added extras is great when you are involved in a bit of one-upmanship in the pub but when did you last use the timer on your oven or parking assist on the car?

IT directors have the power to make decisions about phone choices but more often than not it is more about status as bosses want the newest iPhone. Few people need or even use the features associated with phones at the top end of the market - many are simply surplus to requirements. The Samsung J3, on the other hand, has the lowest cost and comes with all the features required to be the mobile office people need their mobile to be to carry out their requirements. It basically boils down to asking if you want lower monthly charges or higher equipment costs. If the Samsung J3 fits the bill then why pay all that extra, unnecessary, money?

Businesses, Government and charities are constantly battling to balance the books, trying to ensure they get the best performance and reliability for the minimum amount of outlay. The additional money spent on top-of-the-range phones when there’s a viable and effective alternative would almost certainly be better allocated elsewhere.

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