Remote working: how secure are you?
21 Sep 2018

How did you manage your work-life balance over the summer holidays? 

More and more people are taking advantage of remote working these days, enjoying the freedom of working from any location at any time through a range of devices. The summer holidays can be a trying time for those of us who need to keep the kids occupied while still having to earn a living. Six weeks can feel like an eternity and in the busy world we live in that can be just too long a period to go without keeping things ticking over at work. You may have been holidaying abroad or in the UK or may have simply been taking the kids for a day out locally, whatever you were doing the chances are many of you would have been working to lesser or greater degrees. Self-employed people often need to keep in touch while they are away and may not have the benefit of having cover while they go on holiday. For others, it is purely and simply a necessity of modern-day living to juggle their professional and domestic life. It is so easy to work from your PC, tablet or even the mobile phone nowadays and it is becoming increasingly important to keep on top of your business affairs. But let me ask you this...

When you are remote working just how secure do you think you are in keeping your data safe?

You are extremely vulnerable, just think about it for a moment. All that data washing around in cyberspace is obviously vitally important for you but there are other interested parties hovering like vultures waiting to pounce. The risks should not be underestimated and a data breach could have dire consequences. If you are using open wi-fi you are at risk and there are some awfully clever people out there just waiting for the chance to make you the latest victim of criminal cyber activity.

I would like to bring to your attention two products that we at Pure Telecom find to be effective tools in combating those who would steal data and turn lives into a living nightmare, MaaS360 and Office 365.

Office 365 allows you to essentially have your office with you at all times.

It allows for working, video-conferencing and sharing documents just by having access to the internet. It also comes with the knowledge that your communications are secure and your data is safe from cyber attack, viruses and spam. You are able to store, view and share documents from any device connected to the web with any number of users being able to work on the same document at the same time with everything safely secured to the cloud.

MaaS360 is the quick and easy answer to ensuring all your mobile devices are secure.

It gives you the peace of mind of having the strongest security over the content you have stored on your tablet or mobile phone. It is a constant guardian against malware, the unwanted advances of viruses and potential attack and also protects from any data leakage. MaaS360 really is one of the best when it comes to Mobile Device Management solutions and is something all businesses should be looking at installing if their staff are logging in for work away from the office. It is able to detect, analyse and remedy threats quickly and can support networks of any size. These systems are easy to apply and cost-effective to install and maintain.

I would urge anyone involved in remote working to take action to ensure their systems are safe - doesn’t it make sense?

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This post is contributed by our CEO, Matt Sandford and was originally featured in Shropshire Business Magazine. Matt Sandford, CEO, Pure telecom, Shrewsbury, Shropshire Matt Sandford, CEO