Pure VoIP becomes Radius VoIP - different name, same great product!
08 Jul 2020

A while ago we launched our first exclusive product - Pure VoIP, a substantial upgrade on others on the market and one which has proved hugely successful and beneficial to our clients.

Our rebrand has seen Pure VoIP become Radius VoIP but we want to reassure you that although it’s a different name, it’s still the same great product!

The advantages

Radius VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is ensuring our clients are making the right connections in key areas with the goal of increasing productivity and efficiency. VoIP moves all your telephony to the Cloud, replacing more traditional telephone systems and operating via the internet, simplifying communication while reducing the associated risks. 

It means you can access information on any device which has an internet connection, adds flexibility because you can operate from any location and allows other people on the team to work on the same projects whether working from the same or remote locations

And in these days where working from home has become a vital necessity, it’s important to know Radius VoIP integrates with teams and all known CRM systems. Its key features include:


  • Wallboards - A total of seven different wallboards can be delivered meaning clients have the benefit of all of the real-time statistics available at a glance.
  • Unified Communications (UC) - Fully-featured UC clients can be added to each user to deliver presence, chat and integration to more than 350 CRM solutions with screen popping and click to dial.
  • Call Recording - Call recording and storage can be activated on the platform so calls are kept for training and monitoring purposes.
  • Call Recording Transfer - Customers wanting to store their own recordings on their own servers can opt to have recordings sent to an FTP or SFTP server automatically.
  • Dialer and TPS Service - NTA has an automated, network-friendly dialer which is also integrated into the CTPS and TPS Service database to ensure customers stay on the right side of the ombudsman.
  • Operator Console - Offers high-call volume environments the ability to move calls around quickly and offer maximum information to the receptionist
More than four million users have already realised the benefits of switching to VoIP with more joining all the time. Radius VoIP is a unique platform which offers customers added value in supporting day-to-day operations and is tailor-made to meet individual requirements, because we know everyone’s needs are different.

Its network infrastructure is of the highest standard available meaning you can always depend on top-level reliability and security and comes with disaster recovery options built in.  

Radius VoIP has flexible contract lengths - so no more long-term agreements, an online portal for complete control, reduced costs based on lines used rather than on the number of seats, fully managed implementations and ongoing support with leading SLAs.

It’s all about great customer service through a bespoke system helping you to remain competitive, efficient and successful. Radius VoIP is a name you can trust! 

For more information about Radius VoIP, call our team on 01743 244933.