Pure Telecom’s top tips for moving to a Hosted Telephony System
07 Mar 2018

The traditional on-premise phone system is no longer a match for modern businesses. Today the world of telecoms and IT have converged. Employees are mobile, teams are virtual and IT has moved to the cloud. 

Traditional phone systems have remained unquestioned despite high purchase costs, third party maintenance agreements, upgrade costs/issues and downtime problems when the system fails. Pure Telecom have successfully installed a number of hosted telephony systems into businesses both locally and regionally.

Pure Telecom’s top tips for moving to a Hosted Telephony System

End costly support
Maintenance and support costs can quickly outstrip your initial capital outlay for an on-premise private branch exchange. And as your equipment ages, prices only soar higher. Walk away from on-premise hardware sooner not later.
Cloud communications stop technology headaches
It can be hard to make certain you’re making the right technology move at the right time. With cloud communications, your service provider, not you, assumes that risk. They are responsible for acquisitions, upgrades, and capabilities that keep pace with the market.
No more expensive downtime with cloud communications
When communication infrastructure is down because of updates, repairs, or natural disasters your bottom line suffers. With a cloud approach, vital communications capabilities work independently from local power, network or systems availability. This means even if a fire, flood, or storm makes your office inaccessible, you can still work from any Internet connection or mobile device.
Scale to meet demand
Buying hardware is a guessing game. If you size your exchange for current needs, you can quickly outstrip capacity. But if you select systems too large, you can waste hard-earned capital. With cloud communication services, you pay for precisely what you need, when you need it. You have the flexibility to accommodate fluctuating demand as your business develops.
Eliminate buyer’s remorse
Capital purchases represent a significant financial commitment. But even with careful research, things don’t always go to plan. If your new exchange fails to deliver promised productivity benefits, your investment is sunk. With cloud communications, service-level agreements guarantee you get the performance you expect. If you are disappointed for any reason, you can simply change the features you use or move to a new provider.
Cost-effectively add new features
Adding a new customer contact centre or deploying new communication productivity features are two major ways to boost your business. But new features such as these may require a costly infrastructure upgrade. Cloud communications lets you easily add new features for some, or all, of your team for a set monthly fee. Let costly infrastructure investments be a thing of the past.
Find out more about how we can help your business become more efficient by moving to cloud-based telephony - get in touch with our team today.
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