Mobile Recording is transforming the way we work on the go
10 Feb 2020

- by Pure Telecom Director David Hayward

Good communication is the lifeblood of a successful business, providing the means to receive, digest and act upon information as quickly as possible so opportunities can be seized and the needs of clients can be addressed without delay.

Many people think the only safe and efficient way to record calls and texts is via a landline, but this isn’t the case. Through our direct partners O2 we supply Mobile Recording that allows you to take calls and text messages on any mobile device and on any operating system wherever you happen to be. It means having all the information you need, whenever you need it.

Why do you need Mobile Recording?

The Financial Conduct Authority requires certain business conversations to be recorded and stored. Regulators are also looking to broaden these requirements with new upcoming directives, so there has never been a more pressing time to ensure you’re compliant.

The growing popularity of remote working with companies and staff means we need ever-greater proficiency and confidence in the telecom systems we use which allow us to work and communicate as efficiently as possible from any location at any time.

Working on the go is fast becoming the norm and both employers and employees are discovering the undoubted benefits this flexibility brings, a more efficient workforce enjoying a better work/life balance and improved wellbeing.

In order to set this in motion we must, of course have the tools in place at our fingertips which enable us to carry out every work-related task in the simplest way possible.

This involves the array of mobile devices we use on a daily basis and the ability to always be aware of those important messages we receive via voice or text which require continued monitoring or instant action.

To do this we need to keep developing, adapting and improving the services our industry provides for businesses to achieve their goals and a compliant mobile recordings service is one highly effective way of helping to achieve that.

Meet regulatory requirements without compromising user experience

The Mobile Recording service that we provide is easy to use and seamless to install through existing equipment or a simple transition to another hosted solution, allowing you the dual stream to any chosen device.

You can be up and running very quickly after deciding that a mobile recordings service is the way to go, it can be installed quickly, has the flexibility of being tailor-made to individual requirements through a cloud-hosted, on-site or hybrid system and allows you to replay calls and texts instantly from any remote location.

Record mobile conversations while remaining GDPR compliant

Staying safe and secure is a top priority in our working and private life these days and we are constantly being warned about security implications in terms of the need for caution over the vulnerability of information, and rightly so!

The implications of a data breach is one of the biggest threats businesses face - there are always people committed to compromising company defences and you may be thinking that expanding the network from the relative security of office systems to mobile devices for staff on the go may create a greater risk.

But mobile recordings service comes with the reassurance of knowing that all messages received through calls or texts are secure, meaning you can look forward to an improved way of working while ensuring client confidentiality and your data are always fully protected.

It’s cost-effective, too, with the option available to simply add the cost of the service to an existing contract. The tool we supply is legally compliant and also provides a one-off GDPR notification which reduces the time in giving specific consent for data use.

Rules and regulations around being legally compliant can seem complicated and difficult to understand but they need to be in place. A good mobile recordings service covers all the bases in this regard so you will always know you’re complying with the law.

What tool is best for your business?

I would always advise seeking the most flexible option for your needs - something which can grow and expand to reflect your business growth, and it should be network based, providing central provision for individual phone users.

With an increase of nearly 40% in mobile working over the last three years, it really doesn’t take much to convince businesses of how having a mobile recordings service can benefit the way they work. It can even operate outside the country so travelling abroad needn’t be an obstacle to staying on top of business affairs. It’s certainly a message to think about!