Is your server approaching end-of-life?
04 Apr 2019

The coming months will see some important dates in terms of four server systems reaching the end of their operational life - and it’s something you need to be acting on now!

Three systems, Exchange Server 2010, Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 will hit the end-of-life deadline on January, 14 while SQL Server 2008 users face the earlier deadline of September 7.

It means these systems will no longer be supported or receive security updates which heightens the risks of cyber attack and the loss of important and potentially highly sensitive information.

The knock-on effect to your business could be operationally devastating and extremely costly. It will still be possible to use the systems after their end-of-life deadlines - but it is taking an awfully big risk and anyone thinking this course of action will save expensive upgrades must seriously consider the consequences.

Many businesses have already addressed the issue and are taking steps to ensure they have the necessary safeguards in place for a smooth transition ahead of the deadline but if you haven’t yet considered the implications now is the time to start. Calling on the experience and advice of a trusted professional is the best place to begin and our team at Pure is already working with a range of businesses and other organisations of varying sizes to ensure they have the right solution in place to suit their needs. You will need an efficient, viable and workable system in place and we can help you decide on the best course of action, ensuring you are not only safe from attack but also compliant in the areas of GDPR and other industry regulations.

What do you need to do?

Having identified the need to upgrade an obsolete system, you will need to reach an agreement with your IT professional about whether you need to upgrade or replace your current system or opt for a cloud-based server.

A systems upgrade will:

  • Ensure you are secure.
  • Increase operational speeds, aiding efficiency and productivity.
  • Take advantage of the very latest technology.
Moving to the cloud will give the added benefits of:
  • Being able to work remotely.
  • Offer unique solutions for individual requirements.
  • No costly servers to run.
  • Less expensive and more time-sensitive disaster recovery procedures.
  • More flexibility to cater for the needs of your business.

By adding Pure Telecom to your team you will know you can rely on the advice of a multi-award-winning industry leader which will always keep your interests and business needs as our top priority. You will enjoy the best implementation and aftercare service possible and be assigned your very own account manager who will be able to guide and support your company through the important process of developing and growing your business.

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