Passport? Tickets? Phone package? How to avoid a post-holiday nightmare bill
05 Sep 2018

Going abroad, whether for work or personal reasons, requires a great deal of preparation. Here at Pure, there’s one thing we always make sure is on our checklist of pre-flight tasks: making sure our phones are set up for international calling, texting and internet use.

Whether it’s booking tickets, packing your suitcase or renewing your passport, there are so many things to get done before you board the plane. There are so many people who’ve been hit with an unexpectedly high bill after returning home - but the good news is there are a few very simple options to ensure you don’t have any phone-related post-holiday regrets!

If you’re on an O2 pay monthly package, roaming is included within their ‘Europe zone’. If you go over your data allowances, you can add a bolt-on for the same price as if you were here in the UK. Do check which countries the Europe zone covers before you go though - it doesn’t include every single country. If you’re jetting off further afield, then you can use the Rest Of World 30 Day Pass which covers you for multiple trips for calls, texts and data in 96 destinations outside of Europe and data only anywhere else outside Europe*. You’ll receive up to 5GB of data, 2,000 minutes and 2,000 texts in the 96 countries - and there’s a handy guide on the O2 website which shows you where’s covered and where’s not!

For shorter, single trips there’s a Rest Of World 24 Hour Pass which allows for up to 500MB data, 200 minutes and 200 texts for 24 hours from when you start using it (not just until midnight). The same rules apply regarding the 96 destinations and there’s more information about which countries are covered here.

Both options are incredibly easy to add on to your existing contract, allowing you to enjoy your holiday or business trip without worrying about your next phone bill.

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Subject to customers billing cycle at the point of purchase.  Refer to your seller for details.