Digital transformation challenges facing businesses today
26 Jun 2018

These are challenging times with uncertainty over Brexit and changes to data protection laws becoming major priorities in the day-to-day operations of businesses of all sizes.

The fast-paced world of telecommunications and digital transformation is amongst the most complex, but something companies need to be on top of as they evolve and look to safeguard their interests. Pure Telecom in Shrewsbury is helping businesses meet these objectives on several fronts, helping clients overcome the issues they face and keeping them operating smoothly and efficiently.

David Hayward, Pure Managing Managing Director, said:

“A recent survey carried out by Pure partner Node4 on IT priorities was extremely informative and highlighted the most important issues now for firms compared to a year ago - and how they continue to evolve.

“Unsurprisingly, the survey found business growth is still a vital consideration for companies but also revealed digital transformation and workforce productivity have become more important over the last 12 months.

“Security was defined as a major factor but one that needs to be better addressed moving forward. “The benefits of digital transformation are also being largely ignored despite being classified as an IT manager’s priority.

“The fastest changing area within a firm’s IT programme is undoubtedly connectivity, with more sites used to operate from, coupled with a rise in mobile workforce and the need for higher speeds to cope with cloud applications and data access.

“Cloud is only as good as your network so there is a clear need for a solid internet connection such as a leased line which will allow multiple services to be provided over one line, such as VoIP, access to cloud applications, colocation and data.

“An MPLS WAN network is now considered a must-have for companies in developing their multi-site IT infrastructure.

“Recruitment and budgets are always very important in running a successful business and we have seen a 13% reduction in mid-sized companies expecting to increase their IT budgets this year.

“About a quarter of these firms are also reporting it more difficult to recruit staff with the necessary qualifications and skills.

“Employees want easier to use technology and businesses are under ever-increasing pressure to improve productivity and security with the latest solutions.

“Providing the best solutions remains our top priority and looking ahead there are a number of options that can be taken on board to complement what is already in place - or totally replace legacy hardware.

“Managed service providers can help to reduce costs and risk and firms need to fully embrace digital transformation which will increase flexibility and confidence.

“Another important factor is that businesses of any size should have a disaster recovery plan in place.

“Many small businesses dismiss this as something that only large companies need to worry about and this is simply not the case.

“No matter what size a business is, in the simplest form you should have a plan of some description, even it is just to document where your back-ups are and who is responsible for restoring/retrieving them.

“The larger the business, the more complex the plan but at the heart of all disaster recovery solutions is an online cloud back-up as software and data are such critical factors in running any business.

“If you are considering moving servers off-site then decisions regarding a data centre are vitally important. These centres are designed for optimum efficiency and help to dictate how servers are managed.

“Businesses need help in putting these systems in place and Pure Telecom has many years experience in helping firms install what suits them best.

“At Pure we only work with providers who can create bespoke environments to suit our customer’s needs, as one size does not fit all and we will be happy to ensure the move of your servers to a co-located space goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”

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