Who are Pipekit?

Pipekit is an independent, family-owned, plastic pipework and drainage distributor based in Annscroft, Shropshire. Founded by Martyn Rowlands, Pipekit offers leading brand plastic pipework and drainage products supported by expert advice and superior customer service. Pipekit sell their range of products directly, over the telephone or online.


Why were you in the market?

Our business is based in a rural location. Originally, we were operating on a very poor BT broadband connection. However, we recognised that we would need to be able to trade nationally and internationally and to do that, we would need a full e-commerce website.

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What were you looking for?

Our dealings with BT caused so much difficulty for the business that we decided we would prefer to deal with a local company to whom we could easily pick up the phone or meet if we needed to. Our business landscape had changed, we were regularly using large files and had a desire to move away from BT. Pure Telecom recommended Horizon for our phone system. We were pleased to learn that another option, which was cloud-based, was open to us.

The Requirements

  • Fixed billing
  • Reliable, fast broadband
  • A cloud-based VoIP phone system
  • Responsive support team
  • Multiple connections

How well did Pure Telecom understand your business and requirements?

We were one of the first Horizon customers for Pure Telecom. They understood that we needed absolute reliability because we sell to and source almost all of our customers online. The ability to have fast, reliable connectivity was paramount. They also understood that we needed proper support in place to resolve any issues that inevitably arise.

Pipekit Case Study

What Our Clients are Saying...
Martyn Rowlands

Since taking a VoIP phone system and connectivity from Pure Telecom, we have also moved our mobile contracts to them which was all very smooth and efficient. We sell to and source our customers online or over the phone - The ability to have fast, reliable connectivity is paramount.

Martyn Rowlands, Managing Director at Pipekit