Who are McNicholas?

Division of Kier Group, McNicholas is a leading provider of services to the UK’s multi-utility, telecommunications, gas, power, water, renewable energy and rail sectors. Based in Hertfordshire, they have delivered innovative infrastructure solutions to blue chip customers for more than 65 years.


Why were they in the market?

Having been with their previous provider, Vodafone for 15 years, McNicholas had to ensure the bid process was extremely thorough and addressed all of the requirements the company outlined as essential criteria. A big factor in the decision to review their provider was a prolonged connection downtime with no communication from the provider as to resolution and availability of a business data pool.

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The Review

McNicholas approached 22 companies with their criteria. The 1st stage was to provide a commercially viable option with pricing that met the criteria. Those who were successful at this stage were then invited to a presentation process.

The first meeting was to discuss the McNicholas Business Strategy and an introduction to Pure Telecom. This covered McNicholas commercial objectives and cost-saving requirements whilst maintaining a robust network that included 1st class resolution of issues. The decision-making process was to take 10-12 months from start to awarding the contract.

This rigorous analysis allowed Pure Telecom to understand McNicholas future business strategy and identify where savings could be made.

All of the preparation tasks had to be carried out within a limited time period which then led to an RFP process.


The Presentation

A further presentation took place where Pure outlined their implementation process/plan which included:

  • The transfer of over 1623 mobile phones by business unit and by date
  • The prioritisation of porting on the O2 Network
  • Pure's own IT Policy
  • SIM implementation
  • Update of hardware policy
  • The technical build of a private APN to mirror the existing infrastructure
  • A training programme for existing administrators
  • Full management of the SOTI platform
  • Re-write and re-issue of order processes with documents
  • Provision of SIM and equipment despatch process
  • Demonstration of the ability to provide bespoke tailored reporting
  • Demonstration of the ability to provide a clear equipment re-issue process
  • Stock management

The Implementation

After winning the contract Pure had to implement all of the new procedures and processes. This included:

  • Building and testing of a private APN in under 10 days to mirror existing infrastructure
  • Migration of over 1600 users, including 1600 SOTI licences completed in under 4 weeks
  • Build of a bespoke tariff
  • Despatching of SIM cards to all users including a copy of the new mobile phone usage policy, IT Hardware policy, SIM card change document and SOTI document
  • Sending of 2 text messages to all users with instructions and advice
  • Sending of email to all users advising the new process with supporting documents
  • Creation of a video for the McNicholas intranet with instructions on the transfer
  • Prioritisation of all ports on the network with 1600 numbers ported over 4 sessions and ported by business unit
  • Out of hours support
  • Training for McNicholas graduates who were tasked with internal support roles and then dispatched to multiple sites to provide support
  • Working alongside internal IT with Stephen Pearce, Head of IT Infrastructure to ensure smooth implementation
  • Hourly reporting to directors during transfer
  • Despatch of additional/spare SIM cards to each branch
  • Support for SIM swap queries – all dealt with immediately and follow up calls made to ensure successful completion
  • Test calls to confirm successful transfer
What Our Clients are Saying...
Andrea Cunningham

We chose Pure Telecom as they demonstrated that they were able to provide significant cost savings which would increase efficiency and productivity within McNicholas, a fully managed implementation service, a tailored service proposition and the very highest level of customer experience supported by leading service level agreements.

Andrea Cunningham, IT Projects Manager at McNicholas