Kloeckner Metals

Who are Kloeckner Metals?

Kloeckner Metals is the largest mill independent multi-metal stockholder and distributor in the UK. Operating from 14 sites across the UK, they are renowned for their unrivalled ability to meet client requirements and provide a personal service.


Why were you in the market?

Our existing mobile contract was 5-6 years old and we had two issues with it. Firstly, that contract had been based on a vastly different number of employees compared to current staffing levels. Secondly, the contract pre-dated smartphones so our usage had diversified enormously but our costs were not structured efficiently. There was a lack of strategy and we wanted a contract we could manage and control out of bundle spend.

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  • Value for money
  • Dedicated account management
  • Regular commercial reviews
  • Proven proactive partner
  • Flexibility with tariff
  • Tailored reporting

What were you looking for?

Flexibility. We wanted to improve efficiency and deliver better value for money. We had two options, one to have a monthly fee which would help us avoid out of bundle spend and the other to put all employees on to the lowest tariff. We also needed to be able to move certain people on to other tariffs as needed. The latter was preferred as it meant we were able to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Why did you choose Pure Telecom?

Pure Telecom understood our business and requirements. Their professionalism made it easy to choose them. 

The Solution

Over 250 tailored Mobile Tariff Connections on O2. 

How well did Pure Telecom understand your business and requirements?

Very well, in fact Pure Telecom achieved the highest score on this in the tender process. They understood where I was coming from and had the tools to achieve what was needed.

What Our Clients are Saying...

Pure Telecom give us great flexibility in our mobile communications. They grasp our business and requirements and their professionalism makes it easy to work with them. They understand where I am coming from and have the tools to achieve what our business needs.

Phillip Boot, Group MRO Buyer at Kloeckner Metals