Why TU Go?

Keep your business connected with TU Go. Working on the move is the norm for most people, so it’s important to have simple technology that helps your business stay connected. With TU Go from O2, you can do just that.

How does it work?

The app allows your mobile number to work across a number of different devices, so you will always be able to make and receive calls and text messages, as well as listening to voicemails. Calls and texts made on TU Go cost the same as your mobile calls, and if you have run out of data, you’ll be charged at the standard rates.

Devices running TU Go

Use any device

Using the TU Go app, you can use your mobile number on tablets and laptops, even on another phone with the app installed. Everyone has those frustrating days when you run out of battery or have left your phone at home, and have to deal with the worry of all the calls and messages that you may have missed. To stay on top of calls and messages, TU Go allows you to make calls from a laptop, phone or tablet. You can also add TU Go on up to five devices at a time.

Work with no signal

Not having a signal when you need to make call is frustrating, but with TU Go, this is no longer a problem. TU Go enables you to make calls, send texts and listen to voicemail using a Wi-fi connection, so you can keep your business moving no matter where you are, even underground.

Getting started for your business

To get started with TU Go, simply download the free app onto your phone, app, tablet or PC using your Pay Monthly number.

Working abroad at UK rates

Whether you’re enjoying a holiday, or taking your ventures abroad, you may still need to make calls. Rather than making calls and returning home to a frightening phone bill, TU Go enables you to make those all-important calls at UK rates.

TU Go is a service for iOS, Androids and Windows (WP8 & PC), that allows customers to send and receive calls, texts and visual voicemail over Wifi.

  • Download from app store and register on eligible tariffs
  • Use on up to 5 supported devices
  • Send and receive calls and texts over Wifi
  • Simultaneous ring across all devices (TU Go and SIM)
  • Choose when to receive calls and texts
  • Timeline synced across all devices

Tu Go addresses a specific business need: connectivity

Poor Coverage

  • Either in the office or working from home
  • 33% of existing customers Tu Go users use for poor coverage where they live.

Low cost calls abroad

  • Send and receive calls and texts at UK rate
  • 15% of existing consumer calls and texts are made abroad


  • Send and receive calls and texts from device of choice
  • Back up when phone battery is low or left at home
  • Use at work on bring your own device
Service Charging explained
Calls and texts in UK Any calls and texts made from TU Go come out of your minutes/texts bundle
Data Any data used by TU Go (e.g. receiving voicemail, updating your timeline) can be done free over wifi, or can come out of your mobile data bundle
Calls & texts from abroad Calls and texts made from TU Go are charged at domestic/in-bundle rates and there’s no roaming connection charge for answering calls either
Calls from UK to abroad Any TU Go calls to International numbers are charged at standard International rates