What is Box?

Box is a secure, scalable content sharing and collaboration platform. Box’s content management solution allows users to share and access content from anywhere, while providing IT Enterprise grade security and oversight into how content moves within your business. With Box, your business can easily collaborate and share content from anywhere, on any device.

Why Box?

Box is an easy to use, secure platform where you can share and access your content from anywhere. Connect and collaborate instantly by sending a shared link, sync folders and files to your desktop, and post comments and discussions on files. Send large files quickly and easily with a link, create shared folders with your team and share both internally or with partners, colleagues and other external vendors. Access, edit and save to Box on your mobile device. With robust permission controls and reporting capabilities, get comprehensive control over your content, including six different permission types, scheduling file deletion and link de-activation and tracking file and user activity.

How much does Box cost?

Box starts at £11 ex vat per user per month for Box Business. This includes 1TB of storage, 2GB file size limit, password protected file sharing links, mobile access, secure transfer and storage, desktop syncing, version history, Google Apps integration, an admin console and more.

How secure is Box?

Box delivers Enterprise grade security, robust administrative controls and audit trails. Box encrypts data both in transit and at rest, ensuring that your information is always secure.

Why is Box a better option than sending colleagues files?

No need to send large attachments by email – and no need to consider sending multiple emails to overcome file size restrictions. No more warning messages saying you’ve exceeded the size of you mailbox. And no risk of sending / forward the file to the wrong person.

How does Box compare to Dropbox?

Box provides the same ease of use for end-user sharing and collaboration, but with richer security, management and collaboration functionality. Users can comment, assign tasks and manage workflow using Box. Box also provides an added level of security with granular permission controls, access management and secure transfer and storage of files and folders.

Working on your mobile device

Box is available on all mobile devices so you can access and share your content no matter where you are. Box has six native mobile apps, including apps for iPhone and iPad, Android and Windows. And Box OneCloud is an ecosystem of more than 200 partner apps that let you create, access and edit your content from anywhere.


Rich user experience that teams will adopt


Governance controls and protection which IT will trust


Platform integrations to align with existing landscape


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