We are the ‘always-on’ generation. High speed, resilient and reliable connectivity and networking solutions are at the core of every business.

Whether it’s data centre connectivity, point-to-point (site-to-site) connectivity or a fully managed MPLS network that you need, you can be certain that our scalable 10Gbps bandwidth connectivity solutions with guaranteed low latency will meet your requirements.

Investment has been made in designing, building and managing a robust and flexible MPLS network to provide flawless connectivity and business internet solutions. And, coupled with network assurance through comprehensive SLA’s, online real-time reporting and 24 x 7 support, you can be sure that keeping your business “always-on” is our mission-critical priority.

We have a resilient, robust solution for every business requirement


Benefit from the UK’s fastest deployment and most attractive pricing for high-speed data connections


A range of cost effective options for fast, reliable and resilient connectivity


Enables businesses to connect multiple sites across varying locations including homeworkers

Our wide choice of Access Options

Ethernet Access


ADSL Access

M2M Access

Ethernet offers symmetric bandwidth at high speeds anywhere in the UK and is ideal for businesses requiring SLA guarantees and QoS for latency-sensitive applications.

EFM technology delivers up to 34Mb bandwidth over bonded copper pairs, and is a good option if you need uncontended bandwidth with a short delivery cycle.

Fibre Ethernet delivered either through an access partner or an LLU, fibre offers symmetric speeds of up to 1Gb.


The network is built around six main points of presence (POPs) including three state-of-the-art data centres and multiple Tier-1 Internet transit providers at both Manchester and London. A privately owned DWDM core provides the high capacity services to which the MLPS network is overlaid. The multiple locations and use of multiple providers delivers a high degree of resiliency as we are not reliant on one location or provider.

From these locations, we can provide Layer-2 and Layer-3 services between the POP’s and out to customer locations. This uses various access methods such as Fibre Ethernet, Copper Ethernet, xDSL and M2M. Connectivity is diversely routed, resulting in a resilient network infrastructure which can achieve sub-second failover for services delivered over MPLS, in the event of core network failure.