02 Just Call Me is new

Conference calls are a cost-effective way to get your people together. Calls can be made virtually anytime, anywhere and can save you time and travel. But they can be more costly than expected. And complicated.

02 Just Call Me is different. And it’s simple.

O2 Just Call Me is our new conference calling solution. There’s an app that brings the product to life, but you can still use it without the app. No awkward PIN codes, passwords or premium rate dial-in numbers. Only you need the app, not your participants. They simply need your usual mobile phone number to join a conference call. And you can set up as many conference calls as you want. All for a fixed monthly fee.

Add the app to your tariff for just £5 per user, per month, with unlimited minutes.

We take away all the hidden charges.

Your participants are charged at the standard rate to your 02 mobile. Or if they’re on 02 Business, calling is free. You don’t have to pay extra to host a call. And as calls are made over our network, unlike using a data connection or wifi, 02 Just Call Me calls are the same great quality as using your mobile.

Saves you time. Helps you get more done.

It’s quick and easy to use. And friendly to your customers too. You can make or continue other calls at the same time. You can also merge two conferences together and move different participants from one to another. So you’re always in control with sophisticated conference tools at your fingertips. Whether you’re in the same building, town, scattered around the country or around the world. As long as you can receive calls, you can host an 02 Just Call Me conference call for up to 20 people.


How simple is it?

To set up and host a call, dial 321 or tap the button in the app to join the conference. Once you’re in you can access call control features. If you’re abroad, you’ll be charged at your standard international rate. You can use the 02 Just Call Me app for iOS, Android and Windows Phones. You can label your conference calls when you set them up.