Incredibly Efficient

Co-locating your servers and other hardware allows you to benefit from a highly secure and robust environment without the unpredictable escalating costs of building or upgrading your own on-premise infrastructure.

Hosting your environment couldn’t be simpler. You can choose anything from a 1/4 rack through to bespoke private cages, and we can manage it all for you.

Data Centres

The data centres we use range from Tier 2 to Tier 3+ standard, ensuring we can meet the most stringent of uptime requirements. Our data centres are also designed to be incredibly efficient, achieving an efficiency rating of PUE 1.2. We have access to more than 12 on-net data centres in the UK.

Using public cloud resources without using the public internet to connect gives added efficiencies and security.

We have the ability to provide 10Gbps ethernet or 8Gbps fibre channel connections directly to our customers with minimal deployment time, along with private connectivity into AWS and Azure cloud environments from our data centres.

Software Defined Network (SDN) – or virtualised networking – has radically changed the way network environments are built and managed, making them extremely agile and flexible. Pure can advise on the best solution for your business through an initial assessment of current infrastructure.


  • Cost Saving
    No cost and complexity of building and maintaining your own infrastructure
  • Uninterrupted Service
    Fire protection and continued power with 100% SLAs
  • Support
    On site engineers for management and remote hands trouble shooting
  • Resilience
    High capacity, resilient fibre MPLS network core for connectivity
  • Peace of mind
    Secure, resilient hosting in our industry-leading data centres
  • Environment
    Consistent environmental conditions
  • Security
    24/7 security, parameter fencing and swipe card entry
  • Continuity
    Comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plans

Questions you should ask of a Datacentre

Where geographically are the Data Centres located?
Ideal answer:
Locally and we have access to it.

What Tier Data Centre is it?
Ideal answer:
Minimum of a tier 3 data centre

Does the provider have direct physical access to the Data Centres?
Ideal answer: Yes, we have direct access to our data centres.

Do they own the hardware or are they just reselling someone else’s service?
Ideal answer:
Yes, we own the hardware.

How many Data Centres do they use?
Ideal Answer:
At least two data centres in different geographical locations

What is their historic uptime?
Ideal answer: No customer impacting events within the last 48 months

Who can access the Data Centre? Who are the authorised personnel?
Ideal answer:
Only authorised personnel who have the appropriate credentials.  We can tell you exactly who can access it.

Do they have multiple independent network and power feeds to their infrastructure?
Ideal answer: Diverse independent fibre feeds are important; preferably through a different side of the data centre. Separate power feeds